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E. Hewitt

E. Hewitt Law’s principal, Elizabeth Hewitt, has acted in the capacity of an external investigator for large public and private sector employers, not-for-profit organizations, industrial and manufacturing facilities and professional firms.

Further, Elizabeth Hewitt has been retained to conduct workplace reviews of an organization or a department or unit within an organization where issues/compliance concerns etc. have been identified to exist but no formal complaint has been filed.

Training programs for management and employees relating to workplace violence, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, abuse and discrimination are also part of what we offer. These programs are designed to allow everyone to understand their legal responsibilities, the types of conduct or comments that may constitute harassment, discrimination, abuse or workplace violence, reporting obligations and what an employee may expect if he or she is involved in a complaint. These programs are specifically adapted to your particular workplace in order to focus on any issues, or potential issues, which may exist.

Training programs for supervisors and managers are also valuable in demonstrating the correct way to respond to initial allegations, implement interim measures, gather the evidence, analyze the complaint and draw a reasonable conclusion as to whether workplace violence, harassment, sexual harassment, abuse, bullying or discrimination has occurred. Our programs also include training on selecting the appropriate corrective action to take in the circumstances, whether it be disciplinary or non-disciplinary in nature.

Finally, in order to ensure compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and other federal and provincial legislation, policies and programs dealing with such things as workplace violence, harassment, abuse and discrimination can be reviewed, revised and/or drafted to assist in the organization’s creation and maintenance of a healthy, safe, working environment.